I don’t drink margaritas often but on the annual occasion I do, I enjoy making a no-fuss cocktail at home.  Originally I set out to make mango basil margaritas for my friends to celebrate this year’s Cinco de Mayo.  Though not an ingredient traditionally used to make this happy-hour must drink, Mexicans use cinnamon to flavor foods, desserts and other drinks like Horchata.  I used cinnamon sticks to flavor the simple syrup to make the mango juice for my margaritas!

Mango Juice
6 cups of simple syrup–(cinnamon stick, equal parts sugar and water)
2 ½ cups Goya Mango Pulp
Angostura Orange Bitters, four dashes

Lucas Mexican Candy was used instead salt or sugar to rim the glasses.  This powdery candy popular amongst young children was an absolute hit–my girlfriends who came over for drinks and Curry Goat Tacos loved the sweet, salty, acidic and spicy taste of this powdered candy around the mason jars of Mango Margaritas.

Mango Margaritas – 1 medium Pincher
3 cups of Mango juice
1 ½ cups of Tequila, Herradura Silver
½ cup of Triple Sec
1 lime and lemon, sliced
Lucas Mexican Candy, mango flavor

Muddle the sliced lime and lemon in the pincher before pouring the juice, tequila and triple sec.  Mix well and refrigerate.
Pour the powdered candy on a plate.  Rub the mouth of the glass with a slice of lime or lemon and dip in the candy, turning to glass to coat evenly.
Add ice cubes and the mango margarita.


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