So far my days in St Lucia have been educational and exciting.  From informal tours, farm and market visits in and around Castries, La Croix, Millet, Rodney Bay and Roseau Valley. The Agriculture Liaison Officer and Apprenticeship Coordinator, Donette Ismeal and Wendel George have become more than colleagues in such a small space of time.  I’ve promised them by first born child that’s how indebted I am to them facilitating me so far on my mission to blog about the farm to table lifestyle on the island.  I even got a judging opportunity at the St Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, Preliminary Culinary Cooking Competition!  All of which I’m leaving for a later date to blog about.  It’s a lot of detailed goodness that speaks about the local landscape that is St Lucia’s agricultural, culinary and hospitality make up.

But for now, let me tell yall about the day I’ve had so far that started with my very first television interview with Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS).  Chela Mendes, the beautiful host of the morning segment called ‘This Morning‘.  It airs 6am daily on the local channels and she is always looking for new and interesting topics around the island to highlight.  Gasparillo Junction Blog and all its single life cooking dopeness just happened to be the topic for the morning.  I was so happy to be able to speak about my blog, my Trini background and how I came up with the blog concept.  Chela and I are going to be doing some fun stuff before I leave the island.


Off to lunch

Chef Robby Skeete, Chef and owner of Chef Robby’s Caribbean Pirate Restaurant Bar and Grill, has been one of the key people in making my trip to St Lucia a success.  While networking earlier this year, I pitched to him my goals of visiting the island to learn more about the linkage between local purveyors and the hospitality industry.  And to speak to famers and locals about farm to table and what that means to them, though no novelty. So it was only right for me to check out his restaurant.  Located on the waterfront, downtown Castries, second floor of La Place Carenage, a short walk from the Castries market, we experienced relaxed dining and a view of docked cruise ships in the breezy harbor.
With an extensive menu, I chose an easy option off the weekly specials, so did my two lunch buddies Donette and Wendel.  While we waited at our deck seating, they shared some political views and just everyday island tings: travel and bus routes within the island; where to lunch and get local pastries; our upcoming hot springs lime.

Our server brought out hot plated lunches of stewed pork, fish cooked in coconut cream sauce (not shown on this plate) with all the trimmings of boiled dasheen and pumpkin, sautéed spinach, boiled green fig and smoked herring salad, rice and a breadfruit croquette. I also had a tall glass of Gauva juice made with real guavas.  The drink was not too sweet so I got a good taste of flavors.  Well worth a trip if you are in St Lucia.


I’m off to do more exciting things, in the meantime catch up with me on Instagram.

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