work space at the art studio, where the hands pictured are carving a seahorse out of wood.

A short ride up la Toc Road in an area of Castries called Goodlands, stands Eudovics Art Studio and Guesthouse.  Renowned wood sculptor, Joseph Eudovic and his family runs a beautiful hidden hillside art studio and guest house.  Surrounded by vegetation, hanging vines and tall trees with large leaves to shade and cool the property but let in the right amount of gorgeous sunlight.  On arrival, I am greeted by a smiling Joseph and his daughter Don.  Don and I have been in communications for the latter part of 2016 so in her introduction of me to her dad, a man that’s been carving wood since before my birth and is hailed as St. Lucia’s leading sculptor he mentioned his years in Trinidad.  He recounted the areas in the west and north-east of Trinidad he lived and the businesses he owned which included a roti shop that once stood in Sangre Grande – I love him already!


Earlier this year I dreamt I was in the Caribbean.  Standing at opened windows, cooking a single life meal for myself. Happy to look out the windows to my tiny kitchen for a couple days to do just that.

Back in my room, as I stood in the kitchenette, waiting for the electric burner to bring to boil a pot of water to enjoy a cup of tea I looked out the window, and as I concentrated on which direction the chirps of the birds came from a feeling came over me.  So satisfying and comfortable a feeling to be in my element in an area that is familiar, nostalgic even home-like.  Instead of the bigger, more furnished accommodations nearer to all the tourist attractions I’m contented with my choice of a simpler living. Where I can live amongst the locals and learn more about the island from them.  Cook vegetables and eat fruits bought from van backs parked at the side of the roads and hold conversations with farmers or the families involved in growing them.  I appreciate this, for its part reason I came to St Lucia.


Light lunch of boiled dasheen root, sauteed onions and garlic.  Cucumbers.  Paw-paw slices for complete the meal.

With only 24 hours here in St. Lucia, an island I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.  Tomorrow promises another adventure and talks about farm to table and agriculture on the island I’ll share later on.

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