Back yard barbeques are an essential part of my summers here in the US.  Ya’ll know any excuse for me get dressed up and eat.  Warm sunshine, minimal clothing and food – Yes!  And with me blogging, food gets the confirmation over and over again as one of the easiest denominators to bring people together.  And though no real reason is needed to mingle amongst cool ass people, eating good ass food on a hot ass day, NYC steamy summers makes that experience way magical.  Not being able to attend at least one cook-out makes me feel like my summer has been stolen.  By the day job!  Or so I like to convince myself on Saturdays as I lay in the bed binge watching series after series.

I delight anytime I inhale smoke from the large beastly pits that parent scented meats. Slowly cooked over dry heat and ‘loved-up’ on with a marriage of seasonings and spices.  A happy memory touches my taste buds and takes me back to years’ worth barbeque and cookout memories.  From my first Brooklyn barbeques in front of apartment buildings in Crown Heights to the most recent at my friend’s lake house in New Jersey.  But not all summer barbeques are enjoyable to remember.  And if past summers was as hot as this one, bet your bottom dollar more time was spent trying not to be outside.

Like most of my single life cooking readers, I live in an apartment.  With no access to the back yard, though my landlord grooms it beautifully with colorful flowers, plants that grow as they please and a graveled path that leads to a shady green tent.  Nor do I have the desire to head over to the park to slow cook 8 pieces of pork ribs in my table top grill – nope, I’ll happily opt to bring the cook-out indoors for myself.

When cooking ribs in the oven I cook them the same way I would oven Jerked chicken or pork.  Marinade or dry rub, slow cook and baste with sauce.  Remembering that the best ribs are cooked using dry heat and not drenched or swimming in sauce to be cooked.  With a dry rub I made with everyday spices and three hours later, those pork ribs came out the oven existing just to be eaten by me.  With potato and a simple green salad, oh man I sure felt like I was outdoors.

– These ribs are easy to make but you can’t rush them. Allow them to slow cook in the oven.  No peaking, no poking just enjoy the aromas as they cook.
– Line the baking sheet with foil it makes clean-up a breeze.
– I bought the ribs at my local grocery store.  With 8 medium sized ribs in the pack, they were enough for me and I froze the left overs.


Cleaned, trimmed bone-in pork ribs
Dry rub
Vegetable oil

Preheat you oven to 300 degrees
Place the ribs in a mixing bowl, rub about 1 Tbsp. of oil on the ribs.  Generously add the dry rub until it forms a nice coat over the ribs.  One a baking sheet lined with foil and on a cooling rack, lay the ribs on a cooling rack and roast for three hours.


In the meantime…
Store bought barbeque sauce saves time, I add my own touch by squeezing orange juice, with a cap or two of any dark liquor I have in the house and a pinch of the dry rub.  This step is totally optional but you will love it!


After three hours…


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