I’m taking an uncomplicated route to good fried chicken wings these days.  No more frying chicken wings till golden brown and crispy then brushing or tossing in different mixtures like warm peach preserve and other easy to make sauces – that’s how I used to LOVE to cook and eat it.  And trust me, a good fried chicken is a must in your arsenal of single life cooking recipes.  I’m not against the sticky, saucy fried chicken recipes but when I bite into a piece of warm, crispy, flavorful fried chicken wing I want to taste just that.

One question I ask my Chef friends who’s competed in high demand, televised cooking challenges: what is the one thing they try not to do when competing?  Years ago, while working at a restaurant in NYC, Sous Chef and friend of mine answered the question with a handful of words “go simple, don’t complicate shit.”  That answer might not be good for all challenges with grand prizes of ten thousand dollars or more but it can certainly be practiced in my home kitchen.

Like any other recipe I start off using really good ingredients.  Quattro’s Poultry Farm & Market is a family-owned farm located and operated in Pleasant Valley, New York.  With a dedicated booth at the Union Square Green Market I was able to buy two bags of the nicest-looking chicken wings I’ve seen lately.  I always buy cheese and milk but don’t know why, I rarely buy meat at the green market.  Walking pass Quattro’s white tent this past Saturday and seeing huge coolers lined in a row, labeled with the different meat from the animals they rear, I gave into a purchase.

The other two ingredients to this recipe is all-purpose flour and green seasoning.  I can’t express more how important the necessity of a rich thick green seasoning made with key fresh herbs like green onions, thyme and rosemary to name of a few is to a Trini household.  It’s used in everything!


After marinating the chicken wings overnight in 2 ½ heaping Tbsp. of green seasoning, 2 Tbsp. of salt and 1 Tbsp. of black pepper.  Before frying, I drained out most of the marinade liquid and added about 1/3 cup of flour directly to the chicken to create a light batter.  In a medium sauce pan I fried the chicken wings, four pieces at a time not to crowd the pot until golden brown and finished cooking the chicken in a 350-degree oven for 15 – 20 minutes.

Small dollops of Stonewall Kitchen’s Apple and Jalapeno Jelly was dropped on the finished chicken wings.  I use this jelly on grilled chicken, fritters and even grilled cheese sandwiches.  Today, just a little of that sweet heat was needed to take the yumminess of the chicken wings to a next level!!


I can’t get over the quality of the chicken wings from Quattro’s.  No slimy film, no odor and no excess fat.  This will not be my last purchase.  Can’t remember the total weight of the chicken but I paid $11.00 for eight large chicken wings (drumette, flat and tip).

I randomly stabbed the wings with my knife to have the marinade penetrate.

Safflower oil was used to fry the wings.  It was on sale at Wholefoods and safflower oil has a higher smoke point than vegetable oil.  Heat oil until 360 degrees.

I wanted to stay away from the process of pat drying the raw chicken, dipping in milk then tossing in flour, etc.  The less dishes I have to wash the happier I am.

Always sift your flour.

I will post a recipe to green seasoning soon.

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