We all know fudge to be a decadent dessert, square cut and bite sized pieces of rich butter, cream and sugar mixed with countless amounts of natural and artificial flavorings.  Like the Sundays after church service, the mothers, aunts and grandmothers of the Mother’s Union of the Anglican Church I attended would sell homemade pastries, cakes and sweets as a fundraiser.  The sight of tables being erected in the front of the church building to invite and encourage the congregation to give for a cause meant we got to eat homemade snacks before heading home for lunch.  Something I guess my mother only approved of because this indulging occurred in the house of the Lord.  My Grammies, a reserved member of this Christian charity, dressed all in all white would give me money to buy the first couple bags of coconut fudge before they sold out.  Made from fresh coconut milk and meat, sourced from someone’s back yard, they were always the first to go.

Today, the below recipe is not quite what I remember or what the purist would call fudge but it’s a nice change (at times) to have a healthier version of sweets I grew up having.



– Vegan friendly
– Made with organic peanut butter but any nut butter of your choice can be used.
– These easy to make and eat snacks are prepared in less than 20 mins and best served chilled.
– For texture, I crumbled Honey Graham Crackers and placed it on the bottom of the pan but you can use peanuts as a substitute.
– I topped the fudge squares with salt flakes, if you don’t have add ¼ tsp on sea salt to the peanut butter mixture or omit.

16 oz of organic peanut butter
¼ cup of blue agave nectar
¼ cup of coconut oil
2 tsp of vanilla
Salt flakes
7 Honey Graham Crackers (crushed to small pieces)
Plastic wrap
Loaf pan

In a microwave-safe dish, place the peanut butter and coconut oil for about 20 seconds.  Mix in the agave nectar and vanilla until smooth.  Line the loaf pan with plastic wrap and add the crumbled graham crackers and the peanut butter mixture.  Knock the pan so the mixture get in between the crushed crackers.  Sprinkle with salt flakes and freeze for 30 minutes.  Once harden place in the fridge overnight before cutting into squares.


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